Did you have the time of your life?!?

On Wednesday, ABC aired the highly anticipated Dirty Dancing reboot starring Abigail Breslin and newcomer Colt Prattes. As many people are fans of the original flick featuring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, we knew a ton of people would flock to Twitter to comment on the made-for-TV movie!

And, we weren’t wrong, as COUNTLESS people shared their thoughts on the new Dirty Dancing movie. Of course!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out the best reactions to the film (below)!

This is so bad. But I can’t stop watching. #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/vFxketDXP6
— Elizabeth ♡ (@MissDizzy_Lizzy) May 25, 2017

This #DirtyDancing remake is like your child’s middle school play that is terrible so you just sit through it like pic.twitter.com/CTUv6fKHGA
— Hannah Litaker (@HLitty) May 25, 2017

Dirty Dancing Fans: "please don’t do a remake"
ABC Producers: "pLeAsE dOn’T dO a ReMaKe" #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/lLTRxPKpp7
— Bre’Yana (@Brewms_xoxo) May 25, 2017

On a scale of 1-10 this remake is probably somewhere around a -46. Worst idea ever. Terrible casting. Zero chemistry. #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/Wx0aNMeMRb
— Juli Held (@JuliNana) May 25, 2017

Al Roker did a better job #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/KU4SpvsZcZ
— MiSomnia (@FreyaWalnuts) May 25, 2017

Nobody puts Swayze in the corner. This #DirtyDancing reboot doesn’t compare. pic.twitter.com/o51c4zBrwi
— Ella (@goingtohELLA) May 25, 2017

When tweets are better than the remake #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/F4gj6QXFpU
— Sara K. Lavergne (@saraklavergne) May 25, 2017

Me watching this #dirtydancing remake right now pic.twitter.com/tQzMBN2rHf
— Sara Chalifoux (@dreamscometrue3) May 25, 2017

At least Debra Messing can sing well. #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/PJnq28jITk
— Becka Dawn (@dawnbecka) May 25, 2017

We got the best dancing we’re gonna get from Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine. #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/7XU16O6ISr
— Skank Moody (@Imgoodnwhatnot) May 25, 2017

Watching the dirty dancing remake like #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/uXI4UtHz2N
— Vincent Mercurio (@VinMercurio) May 25, 2017

"can i copy your work? yeah just don’t make it obvious" #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/W6xgLHMhKj
— Rey Vallejos (@reyispapi) May 25, 2017

The producer of the remake is probably saying this right now😂😂 #dirtydancing pic.twitter.com/ttItSIMDWu
— Kaylie Gimblet (@Kaylierosey) May 25, 2017

Who else feels personally victimized by this #DirtyDancing remake? pic.twitter.com/iMtxVxqDhr
— Priscilla (@mrssoto04) May 25, 2017

ABC executives looking through all the tweets #DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/nnxiYriUy3
— amal mohamud (@lamacode88) May 25, 2017

This #DirtyDancing version is awk bc Baby is supposed to be getting better at dancing, but she’s getting worse.
— jessica (@Jess_Texx) May 25, 2017

#DirtyDancing is such a horrible movie. Nothing like the old one at all. And they should be ashamed with how they did this remake!
— Amanda Newransky (@AmandaLee1991) May 25, 2017

Waiting for Jennifer Grey to make a cameo like…#DirtyDancing pic.twitter.com/EcoXIH6F4X
— Chris Dmytriw (@chrisdmytriw1) May 25, 2017

#DirtyDancing is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! The acting is TERRIBLE!! @ABCNetwork should be ashamed!
— ☀Michelle Ropp☀ (@sundashine) May 25, 2017